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Full Lubrication Solutions

November, 2021
Over the past few weeks, we have presented each of our main lubrication services.

From site assessments and recommendations to customer care and training, we have explored most of our offer. But there is still more to discover.

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A brand-new focus on lubrication management!

October, 2021
Our teams can take care of lubrication tasks and inventory management for you such as:

   • Application
   • Monitoring and reporting
   • Technical selection
   • And so much more

We can also provide you with an innovative digital platform to help manage all maintenance activities.

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Customer Care and Training

October, 2021
At Moove we have both field engineers and sector specialists dedicated not only to helping you find the best solutions for your equipment, but also to training your teams on topics such as:

   • The fundamentals of lubricants
   • Used oil sampling and results interpretation
   • Coolant fundamentals
   • Lubrication best practices

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Oil Analysis

October, 2021
What do you know about Moove oil analysis solutions?

Have a go at answering these questions before looking at our video for the answers!

   • Which standards do our lab tests meet?
   • How long does it take for our lab results to come back?
   • What kind of feedback do our engineers give?

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Lubrication Schedule Generation

October, 2021
After storage and handling, it is time to talk about lubrication schedule generation.

Here are a few questions a lubrication schedule could answer for you:

   • Which lubricant should I use where?
   • How much lubricant does each equipment need?
   • How often should I lubricate each lubrication point?
   • How do I manage my product and safety datasheets for compliance?

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Storage and Handling Recommendations

September, 2021
Here is a list of four things we can do to help you with your storage and handling:

   1. An easy system to prevent cross-contamination
   2. Optimisation and safety recommendations for compliance
   3. Waste oil management assistance
   4. Tank telemetry solutions

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Site Assessments and Recommendations

September, 2021
Do you ever come across questions such as:

   • Which lubricants can be used where?
   • How can you reduce your number of oil references?
   • How do you increase your drain interval?

With a site assessment, we will be able to answer the above questions and many more!

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Moove Lubrication Solutions

September, 2021
If you are looking to optimise your lubrication, Moove is here to help!

With our team of lubrication specialists, we can assist you in:

   • Choosing the most suited lubricants
   • Managing storage and handling compliance
   • Optimising your lubrication scheduling
   • Analysing oil samples
   • Training your teams
   • And so much more!

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Moove UK Partnership with Cimcool

August, 2021
Moove UK is excited to announce our partnership with Cimcool, a leading worldwide specialist in metalworking fluids.

Cimcool offer the best industrial fluids and services, optimising the performance of all your manufacturing components and improving the synergy between them.

For more information download the full Cimcool Metalworking Fluids PDF here

Moove UK Partnership with Cimcool Fluid Technology

Mobil Engine Oil now available at Kwik Fit!

June, 2021
Moove UK is delighted to announce that Mobil engine oil is available at over 700 Kwik Fit locations across the UK.

To get your oil changed with Mobil, simply click here to find your nearest Kwik Fit location.

Where to Buy | Mobil™ UK & Ireland

Where to buy Mobil Oil at Kwik Fit

Borescope & Thermography Inspection Services Special Deal

May, 2021
Moove UK is offering, at a reduced rate, Borescope & Thermography inspection services directly from our specialist engineering team.

For more information, download the Borescope & Thermography Inspection Services Special Deal PDF.

Borescope & Thermography Inspection Services Special Deal

Mobil SHC 600 Series Gear Oil

May, 2021
Mobil SHC 600 gear and circulating oils are designed to provide an outstanding and balanced performance, as well as longer oil life in demanding applications at high and low temperatures.

Mobil SHC 600 oils can actually extend oil life by up to 6 times vs. conventional mineral oils. Just by extending oil drain intervals, Mobil SHC 600 oils can help reduce waste oil.

Click here to download the full Mobil SHC 600 Gear Oil PDF.

Gas Engines Maintenance Seminar - GEMS 2021 – REGISTER HERE!

May, 2021
Moove UK is pleased to invite you to participate in GEMS 2021, which will be held through two online webinars on the 8th June and 14th October.

The first GEMS webinar on the 8th of June will feature Moove’s Specialist Lubrication Engineer Nigel Raj and Senior Field Engineer David Squirrell from Exxon Mobil, who will respectively be discussing the Fundamentals of Lubrications and Gas Engine Oil principles and theory.

Register for FREE today to hear from leading industry experts.

Registration | GemSeminar 2021 (

Gas Engines Maintenance Seminar - GEMS 2021

Mobil Solutions for the Landfill Gas Energy Industry

April, 2021
Over the period of 2015-2016, our customer reported reduced oil drain intervals in many of its engines across multiple landfill sites, resulting in increased maintenance costs and reduced engine availability.

Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40 was recommended and utilised on a trial basis to demonstrate its ability to extend oil drain intervals whilst maintaining acceptable deposit control and wear protection.

To find out the benefits of our recommendation, click here to download the full Mobil Landfill Gas Energy Industry Proof of Performance PDF.

Mobil Solutions for the Landfill Gas Energy Industry

ExxonMobil 2020 Circle of Excellence Winners

April, 2021
We are delighted and proud to confirm that Moove UK has been announced as the winner of ExxonMobil’s Circle of Excellence programme in the Best B2C Automotive category.

Contact the team to learn more about how we can add value to your business.

Moove UK wins ExxonMobil Circle of Excellence Award Gold

Keep your wheels turning with Mobil Delvac

April, 2021
Mobil Delvac, a leader in engine oil technology innovation for commercial vehicles, provides long engine life and high-performance protection for truck engines and drivelines, setting the benchmark for lubrication excellence whilst keeping the wheels turning in turbulent times.

To find out more, click here to download the full Mobil Delvac keeping the wheels turning in turbulent times PDF

Mobil Delvac keeping the wheels turning in turbulent times

Mobil Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

April, 2021
Moove UK’s Lubrication Engineer visited a platform in the UK sector of the North Sea and carried out a comprehensive survey of the on-board lubrication practices, using Moove’s industry leading, eight points of analysis system.

Here, our Engineer made twenty-one recommendations to improve the reliability on the rig.

To find out more, click here to download the full Mobil Oil & Gas Industry Proof of Performance PDF

Mobil Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

How can a hydraulic oil help increase uptime?

March, 2021
While the hydraulic system is the heartbeat, oil is the lifeblood that transmits power.

This ‘invisible’ component may account for less than 1% of total operating costs, but it is critical to keep equipment running.

There are countless hydraulic oils to choose from, but performance varies greatly. Choosing a high-performance product can give you peace-of-mind.

Mobil’s range of hydraulic oils covers many needs, from reducing power consumption and protecting against a wide range of temperatures and pressures to reducing wear to help extend component life.

Click here to download the full Mobil Hydraulic Oils Infographic PDF

Mobil Hydraulic Oils Infographic

Mobil 1 The Grid – March Episode

March, 2021
Sportscar fans are turning their attention to the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring and the F1 season kicking off in Bahrain as Sergio Perez makes his debut for Red Bull. Mobil 1 The Grid will be looking ahead to both events, while keeping across Toyota’s trip to the Arctic Circle and launching our first race week takeover across our social and digital viewing platforms.

Click here to download the full Mobil 1 The Grid March Episode PDF

MobIl 1 The Grid Series 13 March Newsletter

Tank Monitoring Tailored to Your Needs

March, 2021
As we all begin to reopen, the team at Moove is working with Kingspan to offer Tank telemetry equipment to help manage Mobil lubricants stock inventory and order process digitally.

Through their world leading telemetry solutions, Kingspan have developed a suite of level monitoring devices for almost any application, providing simple, reliable, and timely data for your business.

Contact the team to find out how we can support you further.

Mobil Lubrication Guidance at Start-up

March, 2021
The Mobil team have put together a detailed infographic with tips and advice on lubrication at start-up. It covers key steps for operators of hydraulic systems, gear boxes, greased bearings, compressors and machine tool lubrication.

So if you want to know whether to release air from your system or check for sticky deposits on your valves...

Click here to download the full Mobil Lubrication Guidance at Start-up Infographic PDF

Mobil lubrication guidance at start-up

Mobil Vactra Oil: A smoother path to precision machining

February, 2021
Premium-quality slideway lubricant, Mobil Vactra, is an effective remedy for the stick-slip phenomenon. Engineered specifically for sensitive machine tool slideways, Mobil Vactra has been meticulously researched, tested, and updated.

The compatibility of this slideway oil with other lubricants in the machine tool can have a significant effect on overall productivity, offering maintenance professionals enhanced precision machining and tool life.

Click here for more information on Mobil Vactra

Is Your Manufacturing Operation Primed For An Effective Restart?

February, 2021
Preparing to restart?

Now could be the ideal time to unlock new potential in your plant and that’s where the team from Mobil come in:

• Premium quality, anti-wear hydraulic oils
• Optimum lubrication in a wide range of applications
• Extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs
• Precision component machining
• The Mobil 'Magnificent 7' lubrication offer

Enhance your competitive edge with Mobil

Click here to download the full Mobil Manufacturing Restart Infographic PDF

Is Your Manufacturing Operation Primed For An Effective Restart

Mobil Food Grade Offer

February, 2021
Mobil has put together a comprehensive system providing complete audit compliance for world leading, NSF H1 lubrication.

All Mobil Lubricants, Greases, Coolant and Aerosols are NSF registered, with an optional colour coding system in place to reduce cross contamination.

Also included are; product data sheets, NSF certificates, allergen statement to ensure traceability and peace of mind offered to all customers in a site specific audit compliance manual.

Click the link to download the full Mobil Food Grade System PDF.

Protection is never under lockdown: Care and maintenance tips for your machines

January, 2021
Machines under shutdown may require additional care upon start up. Mobil has put together an infographic with tips to help you ensure your machines and your business picks right up from where it left off.

It includes advice on hydraulic systems, gearboxes, greased bearings, machine tool lubrication, synthetic gear oil upgrade and used oil analysis.

Click the link to download the full PDF.

Lubrication Maintenance Tips for Machines

Company Statement on COVID-19

March, 2020
Moove UK leadership team is closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and strictly following UK Government and World Health Organization guidelines, with regular updates being published to all our employees through our internal communication channels.

Our priority remains the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities while doing our best to minimize any business disruption in these uncertain times.

The company is following its Business Continuity Plans which have been updated to address the specific circumstances with all office-based employees able to work from home. We have implemented special measures within our operational teams to support our employees to ensure social distancing and reduce any risks.

We are also committed to providing reliable services and we do not anticipate any service disruption at this time as our suppliers have demonstrated preparedness to manage impacts related to pandemics.

We are committed to maintaining regular communication with our valued customers, suppliers and our employees.

Gustavo Blattner, Business Director
Moove UK

Moove UK Statement on COVID-19

Win a VIP trip to the Old Timer Grand Prix

May, 2019
To celebrate the expansion of the Mobil 1 Workshop Program to 4,000 members, all members have the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the 47th AvD Old Timer Grand Prix.

To be in the chance of winning, you simply need to:

• Submit a photo of the oldest/most modified/challenging/exotic car you have had in your workshop

• Submit a short story about being part of the Mobil 1 Workshop Program

Register here
Win a VIP trip to the Old Timer Grand Prix


February, 2019
Our Industrial initiative, dedicated to insights, solutions and added value content for the Gas Engines sector professionals is back again this year. Check out what happened in GEMS 2018 and pre-register your interest to receive content and participate in this year’s version. Details to follow.


December, 2018
We are delighted to welcome Phil Edwards to Moove UK. With over 30 years of experience in the Energy Sector, Phil requires no introduction.

Phil has joined Moove as the Energy Sector Specialist supporting both our UK and European Industrial team deliver Mobil Industrial solutions.

Matt Hill (Industrial Manager): 'At Moove, people is our strongest asset and Phil will certainly add to that. He values relations as much as we do and is committed to drive solutions to customers. The whole Industrial Team looks forward to working closely with him and continue delivering our excellent services in the Energy sector.'


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