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With 40 years of science and research in every bottle, you can depend on Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil.


Moove UK is proud to represent Mobil 1™. Our first-class service is available across the UK, offering our customers unrivalled re-seller, fleet support and workshop solutions.

Wherever you are in the UK, find out how Mobil 1 can help you optimise performance, maintain warranties and extend engine life.

Mobil 1 – performance in every bottle

Powerful wear protection, cold weather startup, high-temperature performance and superb engine cleanliness are just some of the qualities that have made Mobil 1 the world’s leading synthetic engine oil.

In fact, Mobil 1 oil is so tough and versatile that over 60 top performance vehicle models now roll off factory lines with it inside. From Mercedes-AMG to Porsche, vehicle manufacturers trust Mobil 1 oil as the factory fill and recommended service fill to help protect their modern turbocharged engines.

ExxonMobil’s easy to use oil selector tool will help you choose the right oil for your vehicle, meeting or exceeding the specification found in your car handbook...

Digital Oil Selector

Alongside our comprehensive Mobil 1 product offering, our team of experts can also provide bespoke automotive and consultancy services to your business.

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