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Mobil SHC™ Solutions for the paper industry

Engineered to optimise your complete range of pulp and paper applications.


Whether you're producing newsprint, fine papers or corrugated boxboard; optimising your equipment availability is vital to maximising your productivity.

Building on our years of service to the industry, Mobil SHC PF 462 high temperature grease is engineered to provide excellent lubricity, corrosion resistance, thermal and oxidative stability and chemical inertness for a wide variety of demanding applications.

That’s why Mobil synthetic SHC oils and greases are designed to work significantly longer than conventional mineral oils to keep your business running continuously and efficiently in the challenging operating environments found in pulp and paper processing.


Alongside our advanced Mobil Industrial products, we offer an extensive range of storage, handling and technical services. From full lubrication management to condition monitoring, oil and filter changes, equipment upgrades and on-site training, our pulp and paper solutions are designed to provide bottom line savings from improved reliability and reduction in grease usage and manpower through extended re-lubrication intervals.

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