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Company Statement on COVID-19

Moove UK leadership team is closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and strictly following UK Government and World Health Organization guidelines, with regular updates being published to all our employees through our internal communication channels.

Our priority remains the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities while doing our best to minimize any business disruption in these uncertain times.

The company is following its Business Continuity Plans which have been updated to address the specific circumstances with all office-based employees able to work from home. We have implemented special measures within our operational teams to support our employees to ensure social distancing and reduce any risks.

We are also committed to providing reliable services and we do not anticipate any service disruption at this time as our suppliers have demonstrated preparedness to manage impacts related to pandemics.

We are committed to maintaining regular communication with our valued customers, suppliers and our employees.

Gustavo Blattner, Business Director
Moove UK


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